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Remote Computer/Network support
Support/Gestion informatique a distance

We offer services on a remote basis, to virtually any location.
Through your internet connection and a remote access software, we can access any computer nearly as if we were sitting next to it.

  • a working internet connection (high-speed not required but recommended)
  • ssh (on Linux, as packages openssl/libssl and openssh/sshd)
  • VNC (on windows, see this)

...are an exemple of the tools required for us to get started.
Help can also be provided for these installations.
All you will need is a little knowledge of your internet setup/hardware so we can help you.
In fact, you will need to read the documentation given by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and give us any modem/router model so we can retrieve the needed information and decently guide you into setting up the needed access.
We will then be able to tunnel through your installation to a host (server or workstation) and perform the task you need help with.

Available services range between

  • Total server administration (adding/removing/managing services and software with a schedule of maintenance);
  • Computer cleanup (virus/malware/spyware/etc);
  • Software installation/configuration;
  • Coaching/teaching.

When in doubt, ask.  I will be straight with my knowledge of the needs.
I will tell you how at ease I am about the situation.

You can always email me with questions, I will answer you as fast as possible.
jgauthier (at) hadestech (dot) com

For sending help payments, please use this form

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